Art Journal

Welcome to my art journal where I explore the freedom to create through inspiration by  various textures, colors, patterns, and words. In using the world in collaboration with my ever growing collection of art supplies as my muse I use the process of creativity and creation as an active meditations to pour my soul onto paper, being able to visualize that which needs to be released. Through a hefty and every growing collection of magazine clippings, fabrics, water colors, words, marks, glitter, buttons, washi-tape and anything else that inspires me, these pages before you are birthed through my vision, my will and my hands.

Typically, I start off with inspiration which leads to an itch, a theme poking through me, calling to me, that wants to be created and released. Most pieces you will see take consecutive hours of silent active meditation where only my thoughts, my soul, and space exist. However, sometimes if its been a while since I’ve spent time with my creative flow I will sit down with all of my materials staring blankly at the space surrounding and just be, waiting, allowing, giving myself a chance to embody that energy once more and create.

Sometimes I get frustrated, impatient or anxious and decide to abandoned the pursuit of creation which I kindly remind myself is o.k. once in a while, I am human after all. Other times I just sit there until something flows or I begin picking up different materials trying to put something together. Occasionally, it will be hours of searching and attempting only to find I am dissatisfied at every end. It is times like these that are most challenging for it is hard to spend hours trying to make something work and have nothing to show for it but I have to remind myself in moments like these that its not all about what we can see, its not all about completion, success, or an end product.

Sometimes, its just about the process, the journey and thats exactly what this journal is. This journal is a journey. It is a journal through me, through life, through this human experience. I gain so much more from journaling than just some pretty pages, I gain insight into my inner workings, I gain clarity on how I feel and I gain experience in this human life. Experience, what a gift.

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