Visions from The High Priestess

Relaxing into the protection of the High Priestess I drift deeper into my sub conscious mind. As I drift, I sink deeper into the womb of mother earth becoming entangled with her roots. I stretch, remaining rooted as I climb through to the crust of the earth breaking through the barriers of its flesh as a flower sprouting from the earth. I bloom, petal by petal out into the darkness of knowing. I transform into a flower made of white light and pure knowing from the soul of the moon. It grows and grows as a pregnant belly until I become the moon and all I am is white light radiating outwards shining truth onto the world, exposing shadows.

The High Priestess sat at her stone throne still and unwavering with a gentle aura. She intuitively called me over from her minds eye and with my palms upright ready to receive her energy, she offered me the book in her hands that she protects. She offered me this gift of sight because she knows I am worthy. I am worthy of inner knowing for as long as I want to be worthy, for as long as I believe to be worthy. She opened the pages and it ascended, floating into the space above and in front of me. I saw unrecognizable symbols which were fast changing. The words ‘LOVE‘ and ‘CROW‘ appeared and then the pages became empty. In that moment, I knew the rest of the knowledge and wisdom I yearned for was inside of me, not outside written in ink, sprawled across parchment pages.

I began to observe her lair, the realm between the seen and the unseen. I felt the earth beneath my toes and grounded in the sacredness of life itself as I walked the path of the High Priestess. I came upon the veil I had crossed. Behind the veil was water, a still vast ocean that seemed endless and yet all there as though held within the confines of a cup. What remained hidden to me behind the veil was the simplicity of wisdom, the wisdom of all that lies within and in front of us that seems hidden. What allows things to seem hidden from us when they are not in our level our consciousness. By not being aware of that which is, it does remain hidden and locked away. For me to release the wisdom I must only open my mind and be receptive, allowing myself to receive that which is offered to me, that which is already within me.

As I stroked the veil, I reached above to grasp the fertile red fruit that dangled above drifting between worlds. I cracked one open as I had cracked my heart open many times before with bloody juice rushing out of it as it did me every month. I touched the juicy insides of the pomegranate as its seeds began to spill down the flesh of my hands like ruby filled blood of the moon bathing the earth. I sucked on their fertile wisdom and drank the seeds of potential. I cleansed my hands from the pool of water at her feet which extended from her sky blue robe, drinking in its wisdom, serenity and purity.

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I smiled. I saw symbols of the ocean as waves. The High Priestess reached her hands out to me once more, offering me the book she so closely guards a second time. I accepted, and upon receiving her gift I flipped through all the pages quickly seeing nothing except bone white parchment. As the pages quickly turned, the book began to burst into flames from the outer edges. The magically torched book was just as a Phoenix rising above me. Its ashes rained down upon me, burning imprints onto my flesh and then subsiding, healing quickly. I felt complete. I had been initiated into the keeper of mysteries and secrets. I had transformed into a seeress who was grounded and yet connected with white pure glowing light flowing through my veins, pulsing. I felt powerful, sturdy, and alert. I was deep within my womb space with the deep roots of an old tree flowing up to the heavens.

The High Priestess left me with several messages through her symbols, words and glances. Her verbal messages to me were “flow” and “do not forget me“. She was telling me not to forget my inner knowing, not to forget that mystery dwells within everything and it is meant to. She was reminding me not to forget that all I need is within me. Perhaps at times that inner knowing seems lost to me through lack of trust. Perhaps at other times it just might be that the power within is so many layers away that I have to dig it up through patience, stillness and being receptive to the energy hidden within, listening for its calling as though a pirate listens for the call of treasure. This treasure lies within the vast ocean of my energetic being.

When I looked at her, I saw the woman in the card become my deceased mother and then transform into a version of me. A Young, ageless, wise witch of eloquence and class with cooling calm skin and a fire within like a tiger waiting to strike calmly if needed stood before me. Her power, a subtle electrifying energy. The whole world was within her body and hidden underneath her gown. There were galaxies, oceans, deserts, and jungles all tucked away where the eyes could not hidden within.

The High Priestess made herself known to me. She is the guardian of all the secrets hidden in every aspect of the universe. She is the portal to the unseen. She guards the veil of the subconscious from those not yet ready to relish in its profound transformational power.

As she stood in front of me with a steady gaze, sitting between the two pillars of extremes, light and dark, super and sub consciousness, the fertility of earth and flexibility of water, she grew wings wide, and then they disappeared underneath her gown. As her wings faded so too did she close the thin translucent veil to me. However, I did not fret for she lives within me and I knew all I needed to see her again was call upon her.

*This vision is from my experience with The High Priestess Soul Meditation from Biddy Tarot using the imagery of the High Priestess card from the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot deck as my guide on this journey into the essence of The High Priestess.

The overall energy I experienced meditating with this card included a sense of trust, inner knowing and power. It was like falling into a deep well of spirit in which I was feeling and experiencing the immense power within myself. I was amazed at how tuning into her essence allowed me to step into my own subtle power and intuition. This meditation allowed me to be the veil between worlds and allowed my body and spirit to be the journey as opposed to the destination. It allowed my physical body and human form to be a vessel, an ever-changing place of wisdom where energy flows throughout my blood as where this inner knowing and wisdom is tied into my cells, just as essential to them as the air I breathe.

I vow to use the gifts the High Priestess presented to me by listening to the voice within. Allowing this voice to rise and boil to the surface. Allowing it to reflect my true nature and truth as clearly as the Moon reflects the truth of lover Sun. This voice of inner knowing will be reached through stilling my mind, taking my time, and connecting with my power through meditation. I will be receptive to the messages she continues to offer me, opening my mind, heart and womb while keeping close the mysteries and messages that unravel.

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